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Washington Park Media Center is owned and operated by Sara Daleiden of MKE<->LAX and Wes Tank of TankThink. Our two creative small businesses have been working together for over a decade in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Our inspiring network of clients and collaborators extends regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Here we produce a variety of media content to influence place-based initiatives that support the long-term health of Washington Park, the Vliet Street corridor, and the city of Milwaukee. We care about where we are

while also creating innovative media for a broad range of online and

in person platforms.


Jona Moore, VP African-American Chamber of Commerce
Interviewed by TankThink for Brew City Match
Photo by Casey Harris

We make media and host gatherings to engage neighbors, including other creative professionals like us, with our wider network. We consider this media center to be an extension of the historic park across the street, and we value working with nearby groups such as Near West Side Partners, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, United Methodist Children’s Services of Wisconsin, Teens Grow Greens, Washington Park Friends, Martin Drive Neighborhood Association, West Vliet Street Inc, and Milwaukee County Parks. 

We are passionate about, and dedicated to

the stewardship, growth and vibrancy of Washington Park and the surrounding neighborhoods. We acknowledge and honor the generations of work and life present by the park, and we are grateful to be here!

Teens Grow Greens Marketing Apprenticess at Washington Park Media Center

Teens Grow Greens Marketing Apprentices
Photo by Wes Tank, TankThink


TankThink, directed by Wes Tank, is a media production company providing professional content creation intended to connect with audiences and provide value for our clients. We document stories with artistic expression and cinematic depth. We are especially inspired by community leaders, small businesses, non-profits, and artists working in Milwaukee’s creative ecosystem. TankThink produces meaningful media, including video, audio, live streams, and podcasts, to amplify and creators, organizations, and other leaders who focus on the arts, literacy, government, health and social justice.

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MKE<->LAX, directed by Sara Daleiden, is a media strategy and production agency based in the US regions of Milwaukee and Los Angeles. We explore cultural exchange and creative market expansion across the boundaries that can separate US regions. We encourage local cultures to value art and design in public spaces and in neighborhoods. Our expertise is in working with artists and other entrepreneurs on media culture-making, emphasizing racial and gender equity. 

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Teens Grow Greens Marketing Apprentices
Photo by Kelly Michael Anderson

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